Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Blows

So if you haven't been to the coast lately, you might not have heard about the latest trend in salons. Blowout Dry Bars are popping up everywhere. What a blowout dry bar is is a salon that doesn't cut, color or do anything but shampoo and blow dry hair. Salons offer different options like a loose beach look, big volume or sleek and straight.

The Millionaire Matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger suggests a blowout as the perfect pre-date way to get yourself feeling gorgeous, sexy and feminine. She suggests getting one done whenever you need a pick-me-up. And at $35 in Los Angeles, that's way cheaper than botox.

Blowing out one's hair is the equivalent to making yourself a sandwich, good but not quite as good as when someone else does it for you.

I'm considering adding blowouts to my menu and packaging them with chemistry shots. A shot and a blow at one low price! But I wonder how many people would take advantage of this great service for a night out or just popping in on a bad hair day.

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