Monday, March 28, 2011

Workin it back

At the salon up to my usual tricks i suppose.  I'm currently working on a color correction.  For anyone who doesn't know this is quite the process.  In this case I'm taking my subject from a very dark Red violet Brown and trying to make her into a cool beige blonde.  I'm using a product that I have never used before so it's exciting for me to see it working.  In this process the chemicals are working to shrink the color molecules then when I go to shampoo her out it will physically pull as many of those molecules out of the hair as possible.  It works because the cuticle layer of the hair is open at this point.  Once you remove the pigment you will likely have to recolor most of the time you won't be lucky enough for the color to lift evenly and much less to a pretty tone. ANYWAY, color correction is probably one of the hardest things to do.  Let me share a story here  When I was in 10th Grade my best friend Kate and I decided we should color my hair.  Being young and stupid and having no concept of the science of color used a beautiful "mahogany brown"  now since we were coloring on virgin hair it worked out fine.  Fastforward to 10 weeks later.  My ashy roots were growing out and I decided having colored hair was fun but I didn't want to keep coloring it ( for the record I haven't stopped coloring it since then) So Kate and I ran into wal-greens and grabbed a color remover.  We got home threw it on my head and when it was done we were horrified to find that it had mutated into a lovely shade of tabby cat orange... the next day was Thanksgiving needless to say I wore a hat ALL DAY... My dad took me to my hair lady the next day and 3 hours and $120 later I was lookin like Gwen Stefani.   Point on my story is at that moment I decided it was best to leave it to the professionals.

BACK to the moment.  We took off the color remover. I was shocked.  This girl went from the darkest of browns to a dark blonde honey beige.  That just left us to tone her down to a COOL blonde and then we will seal her off with a chemisrty shot and have one happy little cheeto!!!

Hope you enjoyed the insights stay tuned.  :)


  1. I love the way explained it. I'd loved to see before and afters!!!